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"The most flamboyant, regal bird in the menagerie." Johnny Blazes

As a performer and art model, Goldie Peacock spent over a decade bouncing between frenetic movement and absolute stillness before chilling out and becoming a writer. Their stories, essays, and poems appear in HuffPost, (mac)ro(mic), Sundog Lit, Powders Press, Red Ogre Review, Fifth Wheel Press, Roi Fainéant Press, Scrawl Place, and more, with more to come.

Celebrations of Goldie's creative work include: a Brooklyn Nightlife Award and a Go Magazine Readers' Choice Award, coverage by VICE and Huffpost, a gig headlining the Austin International Drag Festival, workshops taught at venues such as NYU, Georgia Tech, and The University of Southern Maine, and residencies with Chez Bushwick, Asylum Arts, and Earthdance. They live in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn), as well as on Instagram and Twitter.

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