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stories, essays, and poems that glitter from the intersections


About Goldie

Goldie Peacock writes stories, essays, and poems. Their work has been nominated for Best of the Net and appears in publications such as HuffPost, Sundog Lit, (mac)ro(mic), and more. As a performer and art model, Goldie spent over a decade bouncing between frenetic movement and absolute stillness before chilling out and becoming a writer. This rich past experience often informs their writing. Celebrations of Goldie’s creative work include: a Brooklyn Nightlife Award and a Go Magazine Readers’ Choice Award, mentions in two drag history books, coverage by VICE, a gig headlining the Austin International Drag Festival, workshops taught at venues such as NYU, Georgia Tech, and The University of Southern Maine, and residencies with Chez Bushwick, Asylum Arts, and Earthdance. A panelist for the Newfound Prose Prize and first reader for Shortwave, they live in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn).

photo © Uyphuong

Black and white photo of Goldie by Uyphuong. Goldie, a pale androgyne, looks fierce, wearing a baseball cap, square sunglasses, a necklace of dangling chains, a sequined sweatshirt and a pleather vest.

Featured Work

Extremely closeup, mystical image of glitter in purple, blue, and aqua.


Roi Fainéant Press

Seagulls Circle and Scream

“So glorious was the June weather to which I’d arrived, though, that I dismissed any sense of foreboding. Portland’s motto was Resurgam, its mascot the Phoenix, suggesting struggle but also regeneration.”


Red Ogre Review


“They drove me around, drove me mad, drove me to drill down into what it was about me, us, them, that brought us here. They had short hair and long hair, shaved and shagged and fauxhawked and free.”



It’s Time For Drag Kings To Detoxify Masculinity On TV

“Admirers of his chameleonic style span the entire gender spectrum. From his glimmering glitter beard to his smooth dance moves, he is magnetic and magnanimous, cool and congenial, the life of the party.”


What People Are Saying

"If you aren't reading Goldie Peacock, what're you doing with your life?"

 Tim Batson

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, MIDLVLMAG

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